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Hunt, gather, parent, what ancient cultures can teach us about the lost art of raising happy, helpful little humans, Michaeleen Doucleff, PhD ; illustrations by Ella Trujillo - hardcover

An NPR Science Desk correspondent challenges the misleading child-rearing practices commonly recommended to parents, outlining alternatives grounded in international ancestral traditions that are being used effectively throughout the modern world
Table Of Contents
WEIRD, WILD WEST: The WEIRDest parents in the world -- Why do we parent the way we do -- MAYA METHOD: The most helpful kids in the world -- How to teach kids to do chores, voluntarily -- How to raise flexible, cooperative kids -- TEAM 1: Introduction to TEAM parenting: a better way to be together -- Master motivators: what's better than praise? -- INUIT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Never in anger -- How to teach children to control their anger -- How to stop being angry at your child -- TEAM 2: Encourage, never force -- Introduction to parenting tools: Tools for tantrums; Tools for everyday misbehavior; Tools for sculpting behavior: stories, drama -- HADZABE HEALTH: How did our ancient ancestors parent? -- The most confident kids in the world -- TEAM 3: Ancient antidote for anxiety and stress -- Ancient antidote for depression -- WESTERN PARENTING 2.0: TEAM 4: A new paradigm for Western parents -- Sleep -- Epilogue: Practical sections: Train helpfulness; Train cooperation; Learn to motivate children; learn to have less anger toward children; Discipline without words; Discipline with stories; Discipline through dramas; Boost confidence and self-reliance; Build emotional support for the family (and give yourself a break)
Literary Form
non fiction
First Avid Reader Press hardcover edition.
Physical Description
viii, 341 pages, illustrations, 25 cm

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