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The notorious Reno Gang, the wild story of the West's first brotherhood of thieves, assassins, and train robbers, Rachel Dickinson - paperback

The true story of the world's first robbery of a moving train, and the real origins of the Wild West. They were the first outlaws to rob a moving train. But from 1864 to 1868, the Reno brothers and their gang of counterfeiters, robbers, burglars, and safecrackers also held the town of Seymour, Indiana, hostage, making a large hotel near the train station their headquarters. When the gang robbed the Adams Express car of the Ohio & Mississippi Railroad on the outskirts of Seymour on October 6, 1866, it shocked the world -- and made other burgeoning outlaws like Jesse James sit up and take notice. The efforts to take them out defined the term "frontier justice." In the end, ten members of the Reno Gang were hanged, including three of the Reno brothers. The Notorious Reno Gang tells the complete story for the first time, revealing how these gangsters, Pinkerton's National Detective Agency, and the little city of Seymour ushered in the Wild West
Table Of Contents
Old Rockford -- Meet the players: John Reno and Allan Pinkerton -- The birth of Seymour -- The Reno boys and the Civil War -- Allan Pinkerton goes to Washington -- Seymour takes a stand -- Koniakers and Boodle -- Incident at Pana, Illinois -- The first train robbery -- Talley and Brooks meet the Vigilance Committee -- The second train robbery -- Vigilante fever -- Missouri breaks John Reno -- Iowa raids -- The third train robbery -- The fourth train robbery -- Hanging redux -- Will and Simeon Reno's day in court -- Extradition from Canada -- Cutting off the head of the snake -- Fallout from the New Albany hangings -- Dr. Monroe moves on -- John Reno: Last man standing -- Allan Pinkerton writes his books -- Seymour after the Reno Gang -- And in the end
Literary Form
non fiction
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xii, 248 pages, 23 cm

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