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What is the Electoral College?, Therese M. Shea - library binding

"The electoral college is term an often heard during U.S. presidential elections. This process is how Americans select their president and vice president. While many older people are still unsure of how it works, young political scientists will have all the answers after reading this valuable volume. They'll learn why the electoral college was established by the Constitution, how it has worked throughout U.S. history, and the controversies surrounding it today. Important social studies vocabulary, photographs of elections in action, colorful maps, and quotes and explanations from historical figures shed light on this need-to-know issue"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
A process, not a place -- Clues in the Constitution -- How many electors? -- The early Electoral College -- Electing the electors -- Casting and counting the votes -- How they vote -- Popular vote vs. electoral vote -- The future of the Electoral College -- Glossary
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
24 pages, color illustrations, 23 cm.

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