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In the land of a thousand gods, a history of Asia Minor in the ancient world, Christian Marek, in collaboration with Peter Frei ; translated by Steven Rendall - alkaline paper

Table Of Contents
Introduction: Anatolia between east and west -- Modern fieldwork in Asia Minor -- From prehistory to the oldest written culture -- The late Bronze and Iron Age -- The western Persian Empire and the world of the Greeks in Asia Minor (547/546 to 333 BCE) -- Monarchies, vassals, and cities from Alexander's Empire to the Pax Romana (331 BCE to 31 BCE) -- Imperium Romanum: the provinces from Augustus to Aurelian -- Asia Minor and imperial administration under the principate -- Economic, socio-political, and cultural conditions in the provinces of the Imperial Period -- Epilogue and outlook
Literary Form
non fiction
"First published in German under the title Geschichte Kleinasiens in der Antike, by Christian Marek, © Verlag C.H. Beck oHG, München 2010."
Physical Description
xix, 797 pages, illustrations, maps, 25 cm

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